Job Application - USA PAYROLLS, INC.

Job Posting OPEN

Payroll Specialist Level 1

Provide entry level payroll support to assigned clients and/or off-site branches by making/taking phone calls, entering payrolls, problem solving, maintaining client relationships, and responding to client and operational needs.

·          Assist any USA Payroll client with any requests.

·          Assist any USA Payroll employee when in need of assistance.

·          Maintain a positive, can-do attitude, while being a team player and going above and beyond the call of duty.

·          Support and manage a client base of 150 – 250 clients and/or off-site branches.

·          In-depth knowledge of company Tax Facts information.

·          Ability to enter and audit new load client shell information correctly to ensure an accurate payroll runs for clients new to the service.

·          Contact clients at assigned time and accurately enter specific payroll information – including the handling of basic certified payrolls when needed.

·          Maintaining and assisting clients with Calendar and 401K set up to ensure they are set up efficiently based on the software’s capabilities.

·          Verify client totals and client check dates when taking payrolls to ensure accuracy.

·          Assist in directing clients to the appropriate personnel regarding tax law and payroll inquiries when necessary.

·          Provide the highest degree of customer service by problem solving, researching, and following up on client payroll or payroll tax issues based on the complexity of the issue.

·          Work with management to ensure client retention.

·          Contact autopay and remote clients on a monthly basis in order to foster relationships.

·          Take a proactive approach in identifying potential revenue generating opportunities for the company wherever possible.

·          Participate in staff meetings and applicable training sessions.

·          Utilize payroll publications (CCH, Circular E, Payroll Source, etc.) to optimize payroll knowledge.

·          Provide Quarter and Year End Tax Return support to clients by accurately packing assigned returns, understanding how to reference electronic quarterlies on-line, viewing the tax queue to see processed information, and directing clients to the site so they can login, view, and print information as needed.

·          Participate in cross training peers on specific client base needs based on individual client needs/complexities.

·          General knowledge of General Ledger, the HR Package (editing and updating a benefit table), VMR, and the Self-Serve products.

·          Import time clock information into Evolution.

·          Ability to set up 401K plans, Section 125 plans, and FSAs for clients as needed according to company standards.

·          Continue to expand knowledge level of the Evolution Payroll System through training and sharing information with peers.

·          Completion of the on-line American Payroll Association (APA Training).

·          In-depth understanding of standard level reports.

·          Special projects as assigned by Supervisor/Manager.